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Born in 1954 in Romania. Has been living in Denmark since 1980.

Master of Arts in comparative literature (Bucharest University). Has taught comparative literature and Orthodox theology at Odense University and Loegumkloster Institute for Priestly Formation (Denmark) and delivered conferences at Université Catholique de l'Ouest (Angers, France), Université d'Angers, Institut Catholique d'Etudes Supérieures (ICES, La Roche-sur-Yon, Vendée). Has presented papers at international conferences in USA, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, and Serbia.

Monica Papazu is the author of many essays published in USA, France, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Serbia, and Romania, as well as of several majors works in Danish on literary, philosophical, and theological topics: Diamantbroen: Om den Orthodoxe Kirkes univers (The Diamond Bridge: On the Universe of the Orthodox Church; Anis, 1995); Den ukendte Eugène Ionesco (The Unknown Eugène Ionesco; Thaning & Appel, 1995); Det sidste slag på Solsortesletten: Den nye verdensorden - den nye totalitarisme (The last battle of Kosovo Polje: The New World Order - the New Totalitarianism; Tidehvervs Forlag,1999); Det hvileloese hjerte (Restless Heart; Re-formatio's Forlag, 2004); I Guds klare solskin: H.C. Andersens kristne eventyr og historier (In God's Clear Sunshine: Andersen's Christian Fairytales and Stories; Anis, 2006); Kosovo - Frontlinjen mellem kristendom og islam (Kosovo - The Frontline between Christianity and Islam; Forskningsforlaget Rafael, 2007).

Monica Papazu has a musical formation: piano performance (from Romania) and organ (Denmark). She is organist at the churches of Asferg and Faarup and musical chronicler of Randers Amtsavis.



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